Advanced Implant Year Course November 2018-2019


Starting 23rd November 2018


Day 1:  Friday 23rd November 2018


  • Introduction to the course and GDC training Guidance
  • Optimised implant workflow, utilisation of technology and enhanced surgical techniques to expand scope of  practice and improve outcome predictability
  • Training in 3D implant planning software (NobelClinician and Fusion)
  • The highly effective Socket Graft procedure and how to implement it in practice


Day 2: Friday 14th December 2018


  • Guided Surgery techniques, designing and ordering surgical guides including pilot and full guides.
  • In depth case planning of implants and selection of guide or non-guide protocols.
  • Placement on models using guided surgery kits


Day 3: Friday 25th January 2019


  • Simultaneous grafting using periosteal incisions and tunnelling split thickness for improved flap advancement, the use of membrane fixation tacks and screws for improved outcomes in larger grafts.
  • Grafting practice on models using fixation screws
  • How to use Guided surgery techniques combined with flaps and grafts for keratinised tissue preservation and bone augmentation.


Day 4: Friday 22nd February 2019


  • Complex case planning and occlusal cases
  • Treatment sequences for re-organised occlusions or multi-disciplinary cases, photos, face-bows and articulator set-up, wax ups, trial modifications, hygienic phased treatment, implant temporisation and finalisation.


Day 5: Friday 29th March 2019


  • Onlay-block grafting on models.
  • The use of the Piezotome, block-fixation screws, membranes and particulates to enhance the onlay block graft technique.
  • Temporisation for grafting


Day 6: Friday 10th May 2019


  • Full Arch Fixed implants
  • NobelClinician double scan technique for full arch guided flapless placement


Day 7: Friday 7th June 2019


  • All-On-Four full arch surgery and restoration
  • Immediate loading and temporisation of All-on-four
  • Finalisation


Day 8: Friday 5th July 2019


  • Sinus lifts
  • Sinus grafts
  • Carrying out lateral window sinus grafts in practice under local anaesthesia using piezo surgery without the need for sedation.


Day 9: Friday 13th September 2019


  • CAD-CAM production of implant restorations
  • Temporisation and tissue sculpting with implant CAD-CAM restorations with in house production.


Day 10: Friday 11th October 2019


  • CAD-CAM Block Grafting
  • Soft Tissue Augmentation
  • Business planning and growth