The Implant Dentistry Year Course


Course Location: Guy's Dental Implant Centre, Guy's College, Cardiff.


Starting 17th May 2019




Implant treatment has now become firmly established within mainstream dentistry.  Single tooth implants have, in many cases, become the standard of care in preference to conventional bridgework or dentures.  The GDC has made clear its recommendations for the standard of training dentists must undertake to practise implants in general practice today.  This course has been designed to provide a very high level of practical and theoretical training to give dentists the skills and confidence to provide implant treatment independently in general practice. No prior experience of implantology is required.  The Certificate in Implantology course credits you with 84 hours of verifiable CPD.


About David Guy


David is the principal of a referral implant practice in Cardiff.  He was awarded a Distinction in his MSc in Implant Dentistry from Warwick University.  He qualified from Cardiff where he was awarded the Wystan Peach prize for Restorative Dentistry.  He completed, with Distinction, his Certificate in Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London.  He has been awarded a Fellowship of the British Society of Oral Implantology. He has been on the committee of the British Society of Oral Implantology.  He has been an Associate Fellow of the Clinical Institute of Education at Warwick Medical School and involved in teaching on the MSc course.  He also completed research with Swansea University on Tissue Engineering for bone augmentation.


Course Description


The course gives a very prominent role to practical teaching as well as theoretical aspects.  Practical training involves both hands-on sessions and live surgery.  Hands on training on models is provided covering drilling protocols, flap design, suturing, socket grafting and bone augmentation.


A key component of the course is that patients are provided initially and students will treat patients from start to finish under one-to-one supervision at Guy’s Dental Implant Centre, gaining essential skills and knowledge of real implantology.   Participants are encouraged to bring their own patients to gain further experience and any patients treated on the course will pay a reduced fee.


There are 10 lecture days over a one year period.  In depth teaching will cover implantology from single tooth to full arch restorations, principles of bone grafting, cone-beam CT scanning and 3D implant planning, guided surgery and CAD/CAM implantology.  The course is held at Guy’s Dental Implant Centre.


After The Course


Ongoing mentoring is provided on planning and treatment of more complex cases.  You are encouraged to continue bringing your own patients for treatment in order to:


  • Gain further confidence through greater experience
  • Utilise CBCT and 3D planning techniques and facilities
  • Gain experience of using Guided Pilot and Fully Guided Surgery techniques
  • Develop bone grafting skills, e.g socket grafting, simultaneous grafts and block grafts
  • Treat more complex implant cases


The Implant Dentistry Year Course also leads on to the Advanced Implant Year Course to form a structured implant training pathway leading dentists through from their first foray into implant dentistry through to treating complex implant cases, full arch rehabilitation and sinus grafting.



Clinical Days


These will normally take place on Friday's which are not lecture dates.  You may attend these sessions when treating patients yourself or optionally to observe other treatments.


Lecture Days 2019-2020


Day 1:  17th May 2019


  • Introduction to implants
  • NobelBiocare system overview
  • Implant Placement Techniques
  • Osseointegration Mechanisms


Day 2:  21st June 2019


  • Anatomy
  • Case Selection and Assessment
  • Principles of Implant Surgery
  • Surgical Complications and Management


Day 3:  11th July 2019


  • Implants in the Anterior Maxilla and Mandible
  • Implants in the Posterior Maxilla and Mandible
  • Multiple Implant Treatment
  • Consent and Ethics


Day 4:  27th September 2019


  • Bone Augmentation Techniques
  • Bone Physiology
  • Graft Materials


Day 5:  18th October 2019


  • Maxillary Sinus Management
  • Implant Uncovery
  • Implant Restoration


Day 6:  22nd November 2019


  • Aesthetic Zone
  • Occlusion
  • Face Bow and Articulator Use


Day 7:  17th January 2020


  • Removable Implant Restorations


Day 8:  7th February 2020


  • Implant maintenance
  • Peri-implantitis and its management


Day 9:  6th March 2020


  • Cone Beam CT scans
  • 3D implant planning
  • CAD/CAM implantology
  • Guided Surgery Techniques


Day 10:  17th April 2020


  • Multidisciplinary Cases
  • Alternative Techniques
  • Ridge Expansion
  • Full Arch Fixed Restorations